Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At OnlineAstrotalk, we like to talk about the Privacy Policy, as we try to maintain the privacy of our website users’ data. Before using our platform and buying our services, you must read the privacy policies. We have set these policies to inform you how we collect, use, store, and transfer any sensitive data.

Getting the consent of the users

Our team at OnlineAstrotalk, can update and amend the Privacy Policy from time to time. The policy is about the way of dealing with the users’ personal identification data, birth details, contact details, and other information. It also reveals the type of information used for our website purposes. While accessing our site and using it, you have to agree to our terms. You may leave our site when you do not like to acknowledge the terms of our privacy policies.

While you use our site regularly, it ensures that you have given unconditional consent to our team to collect, maintain, use, and process your personal data. You must also use the Terms of use of our site to avoid any legal issues in the future.

Our commitments to your data privacy

We have developed our website in a way that maintains the visitors' privacy. Both registered users and visitors can use our website without thinking of data privacy. We encourage every user to understand the type of PII data that we collect. We may use this data for some predictions. However, we ensure that there will be no direct and indirect use of information. We may use the information to deal with horoscopic charts and other astrological predictions. Our team never engages in the activity of selling the information.

OnlineAstrotalk is not intended for those who have weak mental health. Moreover, those who have self-destructive and suicidal thoughts must keep away from using our website. You can continue using our website at your own risk. Our company will have no liability for any negative events that happened by using our website.

We clearly reveal that data provided by some users may need to be shared with law enforcement officers. We cannot protect such data with any type of confidential and non-disclosure agreements with third parties.

Furthermore, OnlineAstrotalk is not committed to maintaining the accuracy of the predicted data provided by our astrologers. It also does not guarantee the reliability and authenticity of gems and different items sold through our site. We never give a warranty on the service provided from this platform.

What information does OnlineAstrotalk collect?

Personally Identifiable Information- It includes personal data, which is unique for every user. However, we apply more than one method to collect the data from our website users.


Data given at the time of the registration process- To use our website and get our services, visitors have to create their accounts. We will collect details during your account creation, like your name, telephone number, postal address, email address, location, date of birth, and other sensitive data. We follow Information Technology Rules, 2011, set under the IT Act, 2000. We collect your phone number and send OTPs to secure your profile. We can implement personalized SMS and email solutions to deal with users.


Registration for a service- When you think of buying our services, the information that we collect is not limited to debit and credit card details, bank account details, and any other payment details through the third-party gateway. Moreover, we track the IP address of the users when they buy our services using our website. We keep these details highly secure.


Our site has cookies - OnlineAstrotalk has used cookies to find the data stored by your web browser. The cookies automatically track information related to your internet connection, like the session data.


There may be temporary and permanent cookies installed on your computer. Due to cookies, web servers can identify users' computers when they return to our site. It enables us to know when you visit our site. Moreover, we can detect the pages visited and verify registration information.


However, only our servers can read those cookies. You may block our cookies from your PC and any device. But, when you have deactivated the cookies, you will not be able to use some features of our site. We use cookies to provide a personalized user experience. Based on the data collected by our systems, we can display the ads relevant to your preferences.


Some of our services can direct you to third-party websites. When you provide information to those websites, it will be governed by their privacy policies. In this case, our website disclaims the liabilities and conflicts that can arise due to the misuse of information.  


Our team also collects comments and User feedback published and disclosed on our blog pages and forums. However, as it is in the public domain, you must be careful while disclosing the information. 


We can collect some mandatory information received via email and any other method. Such information is not a part of your profile on our website. However, we can use the information to manage your concerns and needs. 


What is included in non-PII data-

The data, which does not reveal your identity, is non-personal. We can collect the information while you visit our site and browse through different pages. The most common details include-

  • URLs of your previously visited site before landing on our platform
  • Geographical Location
  • Internet service provider, telecom service provider, and IP Address
  • Browser type to access the website


How do we use the non-PII?

  • We use the non-PII information to-
  • Solve connection issues
  • Administer the site
  • Know the trends
  • Collect demographic information 
  • Learn about the frequency of your website visits
  • The average duration of your visits
  • Compliance with laws


We need these details to provide better content and refine our website performance. We can share them with our advertisers and other third-party service providers.


As our website user, you have to ensure that information submitted to this platform is correct and authentic. Our company and its website will not be liable for the reliability of the information provided by users. Users must indemnify the site when there is a breach of provision.

We have implemented the best security technologies-

We give high importance to the security of your personal information by implementing the strongest technologies. Our electronic and physical security measures prevent any unauthorized access to your data. We have a secured server to collect your personal information. Due to the safe SSL certification, you can enter your payment details confidently.

We transfer the data between the payment gateways and Bank's page using encrypted methods. Still, we do not guarantee the security of data transmission. That is why you must take precautionary measures to avoid any problem. Our website is not liable for the confidentiality and safety of your communications via email and any other mode.


How we get value from your information-


The data gathered by the site is used for different purposes.


  • To ensure personalized browsing sessions- You can stay anonymous while using our site. However, we may need to use your PII for our future research and marketing needs.
  • Our cookies data and IP tracking information will be useful to ensure better website usage. We will not provide highly sensitive information to third parties.
  • We can retain some of your data for the necessary period. Our team likes to stay compliant with legal rules and statutory obligations.
  • We use some third-party analytics tools that give report on the usage trends and traffic. They collect information, not sensitive and personal.


Maintaining your data confidentiality

Our website carefully manages the information submitted to it by different users. It never discloses confidential information to unauthentic persons. We try not to reveal the information to our agents and contractors. However, we have to disclose it when we need to respond to the legal proceedings and court summons.

Privacy policy for children

Our website is designed for those who are above 18. But the information is available to children. When you are below 18 years, we request you not to use our services. At the parents' request, we can remove the data from the system.



We are not liable for communications between third parties and website users. Read our privacy policies before using our site. 

We also update this page to amend the policy. Thus, you have to visit this page and go through the content regularly.